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I dislike changes to my comfort in Winter, especially changes that will make me very uncomfortable by moving from warmth and conform of my fireplace, my blanket, and my dog - into the cold winds, cold precipitation, and cloudless cold skies. There had better be an excellent reason for going away from my comfort is my usual retort and reply. Sometimes, it is necessary for obvious and pre-planed reasons, such as the warm dog under my blanket suddenly feels the urge to relieve her blatter or bowels because it is 6pm and we always walk at 6pm. Uncomfortable but you know it must be done.

Sometimes, those who brave the cold with solid trepidation brings the warmest outcomes; such as going out in the snow so you can purchase & make from scratch hot cocoa with generous home-made whipped cream. Such as for friends whom you do not see very often and for whom this would make "the cockles of our little hearts" warm.

You might be thinking in either case, why didn't you think of this earlier? And my answer is: Sometimes, we have the time but not the inclination, and sometimes we do not have lead time to plan for sudden changes.

This is particularly true when planning strategy for yourself. Sometimes, you don't have the luxury of fully planning ahead for sudden changes in market conditions, technology trends, or overall competitive forces; nor do you have the capability for fully map out all the risks.

I have been reading today some market intelligence from London, England and New York City, USA. This culminates three weeks of very cold snowy winds of changes which I hoped I was incorrect. I have had the time to reflect on the intel, but have elected nor had the inclination to act immediately. Yet now, I still do not have the inclination to act, but if I don't act soon, it will mean being out the the cold - perhaps literally, and edged out of the market.

Meaning I must career wise bundle up from head to toe, and go out into the cold snowy winds of change in order to build a warm future for later - with my fireplace, blanket, and dog (after her walk).
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