Feb. 17th, 2014

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For little effort and great return, social media like LinkedIn or Twitter has become a boom for networking people for business, such as potential customers; or propounding the latest Business theory or consultant-life-business-spiritual coaches pet pitch to a broad audience.

Which can be like a coin toss for information:

One the one sides....
I have enjoyed meeting a host of professionals whom I have had great discussions (or called, politely, fools). And have found interesting leads on new opportunities - which is really great.

On the flip side of this coin....
I am overwhelmed by every pundit propounding pundit-ity prolifically - that is more Gurus Consultants and Coaches speaking their message to a broader, global audience.

To the point your neurons feel like screaming "overload, overload, please log off your brain!"

What seems to be missing between the deal-making and the message pundit-ity is reflection.
Has someone really fact-checked the info the Consultant is pitching?
Is that information really useful?
Or, before you speak, have you really though about the ramifications of your message?

Perhaps this is the meaning of media, to cause you to think - then react.
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If you have noticed, I have been reading on techniques to
broaden and
my career. This is not a bad thing, as you gain usable information to incorporate into your strategy.

The problem is, many people swear by one expert or another and demand you follow exactly in their steps and adopt their strategy exactly without variation.

For example, my mentor is a devotee of Jon Acuff. Jon is a big believer of rising early to create strategy and encourages his followers to do the same. As as result, my mentor rises at 4am to meet with other Acuff followers to reflect candidly on their dreams. She is insisting I do the same; the exact same thing in not so subtle a fashion.

This is what happens to me if I try this...

(if the image does not appear, click to open in a separate tab)

I cannot work like that. My burst of creativity and reflection is at 11:00am. That's when I feel the most productive and the most reflective. I can adjust, plan, and strategize (yes, there is no such word in the dictionary, but it works for me!)

If I rise at 4am, I'm more than likely going to watch videos of Wild life fighting, mating, or eating. Yes, business can seem like all three at once, but it does not fit the task at hand.

I cannot seem to make my mentor understand I am not built for mornings, but mid-morning coffee / brunch I can find new ideas and inspiration; while the 4am_ers are crashing.

The one thing I learned in Grad School is that you cannot - ever - take a theory or product that is tailored for one enterprise and whole writ incorporated into another. You have to formulate and mold into an organization.

Perhaps it's time to find a new mentor.


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